Smith & Barber – Sculpture Atelier Inc. is a venture between old friends.

Philippe and Danny first met at the pub; a favourable place for any good story to begin. It was their love of stone and all things old that brought them together. They quickly learned that, not only do they share the same birthday, but they also share a passion for creating beautiful stonework.

Having both worked in Europe, Philippe and Danny swapped tales of carving pieces for notable buildings in England and France. What bound them above all else was their deep respect for the craftsmen who built these awe-inspiring monuments.

Philippe and Danny: stone carvers and owners of Smith & Barber - Sculpture Atelier Inc.

It was with this reverence that Philippe and Danny set out to create a practice that would distinguish itself for its quality through traditional means and methods. In 2012, they founded Smith & Barber – Sculpture Atelier Inc.; a European-style atelier devoted to the trade’s past, present and future.

Our core values are founded on a deep respect for the craftsmen who built our heritage

Today, Smith & Barber have carved thousands of pieces for high-profile projects, including the West Block Rehabilitation Project; the largest masonry conservation project in Canadian history.

As craftsmen, Philippe and Danny are driven to create something tangible to touch and feel. In this age of automation, they remain true to a traditional hand-crafted approach. Handmade means uniqueness and quality. When you buy handmade, you experience a direct relationship with the artist. You can feel and read each tool mark. You can see the carver’s touch on every piece.

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece”

Smith & Barber are committed to ensuring carved stone will continue to play an important role in North America’s built heritage throughout the 21st century and beyond. Our national treasures deserve to be cared for by artisans whose skills and “savoir faire” are devoted to the service of heritage monuments.

As faculty at the Algonquin College Heritage Institute and Willowbank School of Restoration Arts, Philippe and Danny play an important role in developing Canada’s future cutters and carvers.

Furthermore, they have founded the Canadian Stone Carving Festival, which is now entering its 7th year. This gathering attracts many carvers from abroad and is the perfect venue to share ideas, techniques and promote the craft. Smith & Barber – Sculpture Atelier Inc. is committed to ensuring a healthy trade which respects traditions and timeless values.